Absolute innovation!!! The original!!! 

It`s boring to play your old playing collections???

Are you searching for something new that will inspire your family and friends permanently, --- then we have precisely the right game here for you!!!

Boundless game adventure for young and old. Massifs and high-quality manual workmanship in wood  (made in germany). Immediately understandable up to 4 years! Game fun for 2 to 6 players. This is your future companion for trips, camping, beach vacation, game evenings and leisure time.

The game contents: 1 x box (solid wood) with lid, 62 x wooden sticks, 1 x die and 1 x playing instruction. The destination of the game is to release at first from all the playing sticks.The wooden sticks became divided up regular among all players (or every player 10 sticks).

The first player throws for example a 2 and now he may play his stick into the deepening with 2 (eyes of the dice). He may now still dice as often as he would like, for example another a 3 and a 5. He may play one of his sticks into the corresponding deepening every time. Or he may stop, if he would like to come in no risk, and pass the die on to the next player.

How ever, it should dice further and during the next throw dice he a 3 in such away, he must take back all sticks of the lid and the next is at the line.
Every player has to throw at least one time. If he dices an engaged field, he must clear the entire table bed.

If a player throws a 6, he may let his stick disappear in the middle hole of the box.

The player who is at first without a stick is the winner!!

The remaining players further play around the following places.

We hope you’ll enjoy this game!

Measures ( are about) : Height 11 cm, diameter including lid : 12,5 cm.

Simply to play.  Exciting, funny, classic, gregarious and never boring! This game promotes concentration and fine-motoric.

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Everyone of these games is unique,because it was handmade of high value. Because of this a few deviations may be possible. This game is protected.

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